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Closing Conference - 26th May 2022

The Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health at the University of Malta organised the national closing seminar on 26th May 2022. The seminar was held at the University of Malta Valletta campus but participants also joined online, with most of the participants being specialised support educators in schools and services. Prof. Ilaria Grazzani, project coordinator, and Dr. Valeria Cavioni, from the University of Milano Bicocca, Italy, spoke about the project and the PROMEHS Programme and Manuals for schools, while Prof. Carmel Cefai made a brief presentation on the evaluation of the impact of the programme which was carried out by the University of Malta. Prof Sue Roffey, from Growing Great Schools Worldwide, made a presentation on a more caring and compassionate post-COVID education.

Download Sue Roffrey's presentation

Download Valeria Cavioni's presentation

Download Carmel Cefai's presentation

Valeria Cavioni's presentation for the Maltese Closing PROMEHS conference.


Opening Conference - 6th November 2020

On 6th November 2020, the Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health at the University of Malta organized a two hour online webinar on the Mental Health of School Students during COVID-19, as part of the PROMEHS EU funded project.

The webinar was introduced by Professor Carmel Cefai, Director at the Centre for Resilience and Social Emotional Health, and by Professor Ilaria Grazzani, University of Milano-Bicocca, coordinator of the project. Mollie O’Riordan, a Research Support Officer atthe Centre, presented the PROMEHS project, including the aims and objectives, the research design and methodology and the specific role of the University of Malta in the project.

In the second part of the webinar, a panel of experts discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the education, wellbeing and mental health, with interventions by Professor Valerie Sollars (University of Malta) on early childhood education and the Covid-19  experience, Professor Paul Bartolo (University of Malta) on the impact of COVID on students with disability, and Professor Helen Cowie (University of Surrey, UK) on the mental health of school children during COVID-19. Over 120 participants from Malta and other countries participated in the seminar and had the opportunity to make their comments and ask questions to the panel in the final session of the webinar.

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PROMEHS Kick-off meeting, University of Milano Bicocca

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